• Carpenter quality
  • Manual production
  • Sustainability
  • Stone pine from Tyrol
  • Carpenter quality
  • Manual production
  • Sustainability
  • Stone pine from Tyrol
Our sustainable products come directly from nature, are processed manually in the carpentry in Tyrol and are shipped fresh and immediately to you. Natural quality from the Alps.

Can I wash my stone pine cushion?

  • No. Don’t wash the cushion. It’s a pure and natural product. It should be aired regularly to maintain the maximum aroma and effect.
  • But you can wash the covers, they are 100% cotton.

Why is the price relatively high?

  • The stone pine is a precious tree with a limited spread area and is partly under natural conservation.
  • Cutting down these trees is highly regulated. Sometimes naturally fallen stone pines are used in the production process.
  • All stone pine products are carefully selected, hand made and therefore of the highest quality.

Where exactly do the stone pines grow?

  • The tree has only a limited geographic spread. This is in the central Alps in the west of Austria, and in a few smaller parts of Italy and Switzerland.
  • All together they only cover about 1% of forestland in Austria. There is also one small area in the Carpathian mountains.

Where does the stone pine used in production originate?

  • Our stone pine is supplied from the Alps in the Tirol.
  • The wood originates exclusively from sustainable forestry.
  • It is then worked manually in one of the local carpentries.

Are stone pine forests sustainable?

  • Yes. They are not endangered because of sustainable management practices. The overall population in Austria has been steadily increasing over recent years, partly through natural evolution, but also through planting programmes.
  • Through careful management the older parts of these forests can be rejuvenated, this having a generally positive effect on the overall protection of the stone pine.

Is there scientific proof of the positive effects of the stone pine on humans?

  • Yes – see above. In 2006 a study was carried out on a sample of 30 participants by an renowned Austrian institute.
  • The results were astonishing clearly demonstrating the scientific details which stone pine wood offers.
  1. Reduced heart rates were noted in both male and female study participants who had been placed under physical and mental stress.
  2. Quicker recovery and regeneration after stress situations was noted.
  3. Noticeably better quality of sleep in a stone pine bed compared to other types of wooden bed.
  4. The more peaceful sleep creates a noticeably reduced heart rate. The participants saved on average 3500 heartbeats calculated over 24 hours equating to about one hours work for the heart.
  5. The participants who slept in a stone pine bed were all better rested, had more energy and an increased sense of well being.
  6. Stone pine wood is the best prevention for moth infestations. This was also scientifically proven in a 15 month study. This particular effect can be further increased by the use of stone pine oil.

What is the fragrance like?

  • Stone pine has a reinvigorating, pleasant and aromatic fragrance, like the smell of fresh mountain air.
  • In short, it will remind you of a walk through the forest in the springtime.